ConnectMe Connects You – Virtual PBX In Your Hand!

Originally posted 12 February 2007 by
Pocket PC Thoughts

by Jon Westfall

Recognizing that business is increasingly conducted outside an office environment, ConnectMe Mobile built its service to enable the mobile employees of small businesses to have a fully-featured communications suite as well as to work collaboratively on documents in real-time regardless of their location or the availability of laptops, desktop PCs and fax machines while away from the office. Enabling this level of mobile business communication, collaboration and connectivity is ConnectMe Mobile’s unique integration of the Windows Mobile smartphone with the company’s proven ‘virtual PBX’ platform that already provides tens of thousands of small business users with communication services. Complementing its document management and mobility capabilities, the ConnectMe Mobile service is easily deployed and configured by people with limited or no technical skills and does not require any equipment to be purchased or installed, making it ideal for home-based businesses or small businesses with employees in many locations.

Read the complete article at Pocket PC Thoughts.

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